Have you ever been to a coffee shop and felt confused? Are you a new coffee drinker and would love to experiment and try all the different types of coffee beverages.

Welcome! This blog is especially for you.

Here is a list of some of the different types of coffee:

  1. Latte – A latte is a coffee drink with a very heavy milk base.
  2. Mocha – A sugary coffee that contains chocolate syrup/milk and whipped cream on top.
  3. Cappuccino – Quite similar to a latte, not exceedingly strong.
  4. Expresso – An espresso is very strong, often used in other coffee drinks.
  5. Americanos – These are very similar to espresso.
  6. Macchiato – An espresso coffee drink with a small amount of foamed milk on top.

With all the varieties of coffee drink mentioned, I’m sure you’ll feel more comfortable the time you place that order. Your only issue now is to decide which suits your taste bud best. Drink on!