Our Story

We established in 2009, after years of envisioning

De Marco’s Caffe was established in 2009, a time when the founder, Rose De Marco, had a vision to open a small and cosy café, serving unique blends of coffee of mostly Jamaican and Italian origins.

After years of envisioning and thorough research, Rose fell in love with the idea of how this new café would make people feel; the joy and satisfaction of enjoying freshly brewed coffee. This motivated her to make her dreams come to life and in the process, she met the love of her life. This was the point where her vision started to take shape and bloom.

Rose and Antonio fell in love, got married; Rose was of Jamaican heritage and Antonio of Italian roots. Their different origins paved the way for the birth of De Marco’s fairy-tale coffee flavors. Surely, theirs was a union ordained by destiny.

In November of 2019, Rose took a leap of faith by following what she believed was destiny’s call. She and Antonio opened De Marco’s Caffè and introduced their specially blended De Marco’s Italian/Jamaican Peppermint coffee to the market.

They first launched the business online, but kept and are still working on plans to open their brick and mortar in Shelburne, Ontario.  As a testament of the love and passion they share, Rose and Antonio continue to enjoy the fulfilling business brewing fresh and flavorsome blends of coffee.



We are committed to the cause of connecting people with our unique blend of Italian and Jamaican coffee. For us, it is all about promoting love and creating a happier society through providing customers with great taste and premium customer service.


To exceed the expectation of our customers by making sure we do better today than we did yesterday. This is our way of spreading and sharing our love for coffee with the world.