Do you love your coffee so much that you think you may even be addicted? Do you also love traveling? Well, why not pair them together.

Here I will share with you just a few destinations that are just perfect for us coffee lovers.

  • Jamaica – Known for the world’s famous Blue Mountain Coffee.
  • Italy -The home of the espresso.
  • Addis Abada, Ethiopia – One of the world’s top coffee bean producers.
  • Vancouver, Canada – Full of coffee micro-brewers and skilled baristas.
  • Japan- One of the best when it comes to unique flavors and roast.
  • Turkey- Turkey is all about the history and science of coffee.
  • Seattle, U.S.A – Home of the world’s famous Starbucks.

We have found that every country has its own story when it comes to coffee drinking and brewing. These are just a few of the many great travels for you to discover a different style of coffee than your use to back home.

If you could take a sip of each country’s unique taste, wouldn’t you?